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Vespa Automatica parts

Le Automatic wasps they are models equipped with both 2 and 4 stroke variators and up to 300cc, unlike the Classic Vespa which is equipped with a change on the handlebar, direct transmission to the wheel, 2-stroke and up to 200cc. According to a recent survey, it seems that most Vespa enthusiasts prefer the classic vintage Vespa, but many are also lovers of the automatic Vespa!

If you are looking for spare parts for your Vespa Automatica you are on the correct web page. Tonazzo workshop since 1963 it has been dealing with Vespas and spare parts for the Vespa. In addition to a physical location, the Officina boasts e-commerce, a real point of reference for Vespa enthusiasts from all over the world.

How was the automatic Vespa born?

In the 80s, Piaggio had to face a challenge against itself, after the Vespa 50 Special, which model would again shake up the world market? Piaggio's answer was the series Vespa PK, not very popular initially due to its angular line. Piaggio introduced an incredible innovation: for the first time in the motorcycling world, the automatic gearbox spreads. There Vespa PK 125 S Automatic it then becomes the basis for a new version with softer lines, the 125 PK ETS.

Why choose the automatic Vespa?

Choose one Automatic Vespa it means choosing a piece of history in the world of automation even more than in the world of the Vespa. The reasons for choosing an automatic Vespa primarily concern whether or not you are used to changing gears, so these are purely subjective reasons. In the forms there are many Vespa enthusiasts who confront each other on this issue and, even if the classic Vespa is the most popular, there is no lack of those who prefer the automatic model.

How to develop a Vespa Automatica?

For the elaboration of the Automatic Vespa Officina Tonazzo has thought of everything. Within this section of the website, in fact, you can find all the best spare parts for automatic Vespa available on the web. A real online store dedicated to Vespa riders of all kinds. We count numerous pieces for classic Vespas, as well as many pieces for automatic Vespas. Crankshafts, shock absorbers, carburetors, cases await you in our store.

To develop your automatic vespa you will need to pay particular attention to the thermal group, muffler, carburetors and electronic ignition. All these elements can be modified to improve the performance of your automatic vespa.


  • The Thermal Group, that is the heart of your engine, will be essential to allow a long and healthy life to your Vespa Automatica. It includes cylinder, head and piston, three elements that you can easily find in the Officina Tonazzo store.
  • The muffler needs no introduction, it represents the characteristic noise that your Vespa will make.
  • The carburetor is the place where the spark strikes after the meeting between air and mixture. A carburetor, through its technical specifications, can implement this type of reaction giving life to a Vespa that really runs.

What are you waiting for? Visit the Officina Tonazzo website and lose yourself among hundreds of parts on offer for your automatic Vespa.


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