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  • Scooter-piaggio

    Vespa Piaggio, all models produced from 1946 to 2021

    Posted on 24.01.2022

    Which and how many Vespa Piaggio models were produced from 1946 to 2021? Which two wheels have contributed to the success of the company that brought Italy to the world? It all started with the Vespa MP6 or the prototype produced in Pontedera in April 1946 when, after the end of the Second World War, the need for something that would allow everyone to move easily from one place to another began to be felt. . As Enrico Piaggio tells us, seeing the prototype model that was wide in front and with a narrow "waist" he exclaimed: "It looks like a wasp!" and from there a real myth was born.

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  • Vespa 50 special history

    Vespa 50 Special, how was it born? History

    Posted on 24.01.2022

    How was the Vespa 50 Special born? What lies behind the story of this real myth? The scooter produced by Piaggio, which has become one of the most famous in the world as well as a symbol of Italian design and Italian spirit, was created to be used by everyone every day.
    Why are we talking about the 50 Special? Well, among all the models produced in the Pontedera plant, he was certainly one of the few to leave a deep and indelible trace in the world of two wheels and in the hearts of enthusiasts, thus passing into history.

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  • vespa saddle

    Vespa PX saddle, which one to choose and where to buy it?

    Posted on 24.01.2022

    Which vespa PX saddle to choose and where to buy it? First you need to decide what you want. On the one hand, in fact, there is maximum comfort, on the other hand, the desire to respect every Vespa PX model that you own by fitting the most suitable saddle in full compliance with the design of the legendary Piaggio two-wheeler. Well yes, as enthusiasts know not all saddles fit the various models. A double padded saddle cannot be mounted on an original PX from the early years when it is known that the saddle was made more comfortable and padded only with the arrival of the PX Arcobaleno. How come? In 1984 the Arcobaleno marked a real turning point in design, so much so that numerous parts of the Vespa were modified, including the saddle, which began to enjoy more consistent padding and gave Vespa fans greater comfort.

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  • Wasp oil

    Which oil for Vespa 50 Special?

    Posted on 24.01.2022

    Which oil for Vespa 50 Special to choose? Needless to say, every lover of this legendary two-wheeler wants the best for his historic model. Although an urban legend says that the Vespa can also work with the oil used for frying in certain restaurant chains, Vespa enthusiasts love to take care of their racing cars and use the best products.
    Nowadays there are oils and lubricants of all types and for every need on the market. Choosing the one that best suits the Vespa 50 Special has become like looking for the needle in a haystack. There is nothing really complicated about it. You just need to know the various types of oil on the market and their specific uses in order to start making an informed decision.

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  • vespa helmets

    Vespa helmets, models and differences that have marked history

    Posted on 24.01.2022

    What characteristics did Vespa helmets have and still have today? What details have marked history and which models have been the most loved? In addition to the essential requirements to protect drivers, Vespa helmets have always excelled for their style, especially in the last period. The possibility of expressing his own essence, the inner motorcyclist, distinguishing himself from the others, has increasingly taken hold becoming an important discriminant during the purchase not only of two wheels, but also of the various models of helmets.

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  • curiosity vespa px

    5 curiosities about the Vespa PX that you cannot miss

    Posted on 24.01.2022

    Here are 5 curiosities about the Vespa PX that you can't miss. Everyone knows that this Vespa, produced by Piaggio, was presented on October 19, 1977 at the Milan Motor Show. Few, perhaps, remember that the giant model was also exhibited for the occasion from over four meters high. At the time there was talk of the "New line" of the Vespa and the PX was shown in all its glory in three versions. Which?

  • P125X
  • P150X
  • P200E What made the difference was the type of equipment as the former had a 7 HP engine, the 150 had 9 HP and the 200 had 12 HP. All three had a four-speed manual gearbox. So far there are no big news. Vespa enthusiasts will say that "we have discovered hot water" and there is no interesting curiosity. Yet there is some news that probably few know. First it is good to underline the fact that the PX was presented at the Milan Motor Show and from there its path began, studded with great successes. Indeed, the Milan Motor Show recurs frequently in the history of the PX, providing the backdrop for beautiful moments and other less beautiful ones, but which, despite everything, have contributed to creating the story of a real myth of two wheels.

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  • vespa 50 special curiosity

    5 curiosities about the Vespa 50 Special

    Posted on 18.11.2021

    Are you sure you know everything about the Vespa 50 Special? There could be 5 curiosities that you do not know even if we are talking about one of the most famous and loved models in the world of the legendary Piaggio two-wheeler.
    The Vespa 50 Special, a true icon starting from the 70s, whose myth was fueled by cinema, television and music, was produced from 1969 to 1983. From its birth, until 1982 - that is the year in which was declared out of production - set a world record for sales. Today, however, it remains the most sought after by nostalgics and above all by collectors who spend extra-ordinary figures for it both for purchase and for restoration or processing.
    Its main features have always been:

  • The square lighthouse,
  • The horn cover The Vespa 50 Special can be found in three different series. Which?

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  • Vespa 50 special

    Vespa 50 Special without booklet, how to do it?

    Posted on 18.11.2021

    Do you have a Vespa 50 Special without booklet and you don't know how to do it? Calm and cool. First of all you need to know that you are not alone. It very often happens to those who buy vintage cars and motorcycles, perhaps even to be restored, not to have the booklet and to remain with a simple complaint made by the previous owner to the carabinieri for the loss of the same. It also happens that you find an old family Vespa in the garage with no license plate anymore because it has stood still for years and you don't know how to put it back on the road.
    Before discovering how to move, a little premise is needed. Experts recommend avoiding the purchase and sale of a Vespa 50 Speciale without the booklet and above all without the relative loss report. Why? Well, the report of loss of the same is up to the owner and not to you. Buying a vintage motorcycle, without the lack of the booklet being reported to the authorities in charge, involves a big risk for you. What you must always ask yourself, in front of those who propose this purchase, is whether you can really trust the person who wants to sell you the legendary two-wheeler of Piaggio. If you do not have the absolute certainty of the lawful origin of the vehicle, it is better to stop all negotiations in the bud.
    So let's try to understand the causes that lead a means of transport not to be sold with its own vehicle registration document.

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  • Vespa 50 special tuned

    Vespa 50 Special elaborated, how to make it?

    Posted on 18.11.2021

    Owning an ad hoc Vespa 50 Special is the desire of many. The Vespa 50 Special, in fact, is the model that has gone down in history as the best-selling from 1969 to 1983. This Vespa has not only broken the box office record, but has also contributed to spreading the fame of Italy in the world and has left an indelible mark, in the 70s and 80s, in several generations.
    Everyone talked about this model coming out of the Piaggio house, everyone still talks about it also because it is continually celebrated both with films and fiction and with songs. The latest in order of arrival is for example the Disney animated feature film entitled Luca. It therefore seems trivial to underline how the 50 Special has become a real myth in the world of two wheels and today, despite being out of production for years, it is one of the most sought after models by enthusiasts and collectors. Those who buy one for their own collection, perhaps, want to restore it, those who, on the other hand, find it in the garage want to be able to develop it to whiz around the city again and remember the trips they made when they were younger.

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  • paint-stripping-wasp

    How to remove paint from a Vespa

    Posted on 08.10.2021

    How to remove paint from a Vespa? Do you want to restore your legendary two-wheeler and don't know how to proceed? As everyone knows, to restore the motorcycle to its former glory, one cannot limit oneself to putting the paint back on only in the places where it has disappeared. You can't 'plug the holes'. The result would be truly disastrous. In honor of the Vespa, and with the utmost respect for its glorious history, careful work must be done to be perfect. Therefore, before painting the vehicle, it is advisable to proceed with the paint stripping. This is an operation that requires the utmost attention and that can be completed following different methodologies. Which?

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