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  • Vespa PX elaboration with Quattrini 244 - Officina Tonazzo (+ VIDEO BANK)

    Posted on 09.12.2018

    The customer's request is a dream: a complete engine with power over 25 hp, powerful torque at low revs, speed over 130kmh, mixer and rear disc brake, all while maintaining the most complete aesthetic and sound originality .

    A kind of concealed weapon port because this is what we are talking about, or rather, heavy artillery. But everything must be within the sphere of originality. I wouldn't be surprised if this customer worked for some secret service ... and if I have to tell the truth ... sometimes I feel like the Mr Q of the situation ..

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  • "Optimized" original PX200 elaboration from 18cv! Low Budget (+ BANK VIDEO)

    Posted on 09.12.2018

    Minimum expense Maximum yield, the right phrase to describe this configuration. The perfect engine when you have a pumped-out 200 and a thin wallet (which is the opposite of an accordion wallet!) ... Buy that aluminum cylinder, throw on a variable advance ignition, how many petals is the reed valve? Carburettor from 30? NO no, this time you will not see any of this!

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