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  • Vespa 50 special spare parts

    Vespa 50 special spare parts: where to find them online?

    Posted on 01.06.2021

    Where can you buy spare parts for the Vespa 50 Special online? This scooter from Piaggio, an Italian company producing two-wheeled vehicles, has left an indelible mark on the history of our country. The Vespa 50 Special has become a real legend and therefore needs the care and attention that befits its sparkling career and its glorious past. Finding the parts needed to restore it becomes more important than ever. For the legendary two-wheeler, only the original parts are needed. It cannot be brought back to the glories of the past without the spare parts suited to its conformation and needs. Finding them around, however, seems to be not that simple. The Internet comes to help, as often happens, but it is good to understand who you can trust and who, on the other hand, will have unpleasant surprises by not providing the desired product.

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  • elaborate vespa 50 special

    How to develop a Vespa 50 Special

    Posted on 01.06.2021

    How to develop a Vespa 50 Special? How to make the vehicle faster? There are several possibilities, but it is always advisable to rely on professionals. In fact, experts strongly advise individuals not to operate on their own initiative and modify vehicles - which have a glittering history and a huge reputation all over the world - operating at their own risk. The reason? Inexperienced hands risk altering the approved values ​​and violating the laws in force regarding the highway code, but above all of putting their own safety and that of others at risk by bringing modified vehicles on the road without knowledge of the facts. That said, it is urgent to underline another very important concept. To develop a Vespa 50 special you also need the full awareness that you have a piece of history in the world of motors in your hands. The Vespa 50 Special became famous all over the world and was celebrated by films and songs. Each Vespa is therefore a little gem to be treated with care by looking for only the best spare parts on the market. True Vespa enthusiasts know that they only have to purchase new accessories or ad hoc components that allow them to improve the driving performance and speed of the vehicle, without altering its look.

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  • Vespa PX elaboration with Quattrini 244 - Officina Tonazzo (+ VIDEO BANK)

    Posted on 09.12.2018

    The customer's request is a dream: a complete engine with power over 25 hp, powerful torque at low revs, speed over 130kmh, mixer and rear disc brake, all while maintaining the most complete aesthetic and sound originality .

    A kind of concealed weapon port because this is what we are talking about, or rather, heavy artillery. But everything must be within the sphere of originality. I wouldn't be surprised if this customer worked for some secret service ... and if I have to tell the truth ... sometimes I feel like the Mr Q of the situation ..

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  • "Optimized" original PX200 elaboration from 18cv! Low Budget (+ BANK VIDEO)

    Posted on 09.12.2018

    Minimum expense Maximum yield, the right phrase to describe this configuration. The perfect engine when you have a pumped-out 200 and a thin wallet (which is the opposite of an accordion wallet!) ... Buy that aluminum cylinder, throw on a variable advance ignition, how many petals is the reed valve? Carburettor from 30? NO no, this time you will not see any of this!

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