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MMW2 aluminum lamellar intake manifold Lower part for Vespa

MMW2 aluminum lamellar intake manifold Lower part for Vespa

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Item code: 4217
3 type: MMW
cod. producer: 40812501
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Aluminum intake manifold MMW2 Lower part for Vespa 125 VNB-TS / 150 VBA-Super / Rally / PX80-200 / PE / Lusso / T5 / Cosa
incl. screws, without aluminum connector, membrane seat 70

German tuning experts MMW have long been manufacturing specialized high-end components at the highest quality levels. The MMW RD350 reed collector is a thrill for any tuner. In its second version (MMW2), the successor to the legendary MBD intake manifold boasts some great improvements. The CNC milled MMW manifolds have a very smooth and flow-optimized surface and can be operated with both the conventional RD350 and the new TASSINARI reed valve. For the TASSINARI reed valve limited modifications to the connection piece are required.
The MMW intake manifold is available in two versions. Similar to the MBD intake manifold, the basic version MMW 1 has an oblique reed valve (45 ). By extending the intake duct (the spacer is included in the supply) the motors obtain support and obtain more torque by shifting the useful rpm range. The larger suction diameter also allows for a higher inflow speed. In combination with the aerodynamic design, this guarantees a maximum filling level. In the optimized MMW 2 version, the intake cross section has been further enlarged and the position of the reed valve has been changed so that it is now positioned at an angle of 70 longitudinally to the crankshaft. Both versions of the intake manifold are supplied with a suitable aluminum fitting and a set of screws. The connection pieces and the gaskets and screws required for assembly are also available individually. The original fixing points are kept at the time of installation. No welding on the base is required.
Manifolds are also available, including the SIP RD350 safety valve block.
Conclusion: a high quality product made in Germany. Perfectly designed intake manifolds for high-end engines.

With i 30mm outlet size and 36mm carburetor connection, the intake manifold is suitable for:
MIKUNI TMX 27-30mm
DELL'ORTO PHBH 28-30mm / VHST 24-28mm / VHSH 30
PWK / KOSO / PRO SERIES 28-32mm ( 36mm connection).

With outlet size 36mm and carburetor connection 40mm, the intake manifold is suitable for:
PWK / KOSO / PRO SERIES 28-32mm ( 39mm connection).

With outlet size 38mm and carburetor connection 44mm, the intake manifold is suitable for:
DELL'ORTO VHSB 34-38 / VHSC 39,5mm
PWK 38mm


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